As  an  ordained  minister,  Jonas Milice is married to his beautiful wife Marie F Milice and father of two children.
 Jonas Milice followed the mandate of Jesus       Christ to evangelize and make disciples. Jonas
was admitted to Emory University in the state of Georgia where he graduated from
the Candler School of Theology with five years of ministry courses. In 2004, Jonas
founded  the  Sanctified  New Jerusalem  UMC  which  is  under  the  cover of  the
Methodist Church  in  Popmpano  Beach,  Florida.  The  church  has  experienced
tremendous spiritual and numerous growth as it began with 25 people and now more
than 210 people attending the service Sunday morning. The church hopes to continue
to reach out to the community to make more disciples of Jesus Christ and spread the
word of God with justice and fairness.