About Sanctified

 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. -John 3:16

I can do all this through him who gives me strength. -Phillipians 4:13

Church History Statement

In the past few years, I involved in ministry of evangelism, and vision casting around Broward country. Evangelism, the task of making disciples, is one of Jesus mandates. Pursuing my vision, in 2004, I found the church called “Sanctified New Jerusalem” in Broward country at Pompano Beach. The church started with 25 people in the store front. It is growing up after few years with more than 210 people in attendance on Sunday morning. The church is reaching out the community and saved many people lives in this area. Since the time, this Haitian ministry was considered a great spiritual movement around the community. My wife and my two sons gave a lot of support in this ministry and worked really hard to develop the church, especially the young generation. I was born in a great Christian family and supported by my brother who served free Methodist Church in Haiti. In fact, to succeed in ministry, it is always important to find someone to work together. The church recognized by the Florida Conference in 2006 and became part of the great family on the name, “sanctified New Jerusalem UMC”.  I received a transfer in Florida Annual Conference from one denomination to another denomination in the year 2007. I became senior pastor of the church and received my first appointment on July 2008 to run this ministry. Certainly, during my appointment I experienced the positive and the negative things through my life. Most of the challenging thing we experienced at the church, we didn’t have enough place to run this ministry.  However, I understand God is in a mission with me and I devoted my life to pursue my calling and continuing my education throughout the advanced courses. The overwhelming support that I received from those leaders and success of these congregations are testimonies of this special gift that the Lord has bestowed upon me to continue get more experiences and help the community where I appointed to serve.

My fellow believers,

In the summer of 2012 we had a very challenging time. As a congregation we lost our Church location because the air conditioner at the sanctuary was broken and due to the AC problem we couldn’t have a comfortable service. Then there was a roof leak which made a terrible situation worse at Pompano campus. The Christ Church in Fort Lauderdale told us that we had to search for a new location. We at the time had 260 members in worship attendance. In a couple months following the only way we could meet was at some of the church member’s houses at night periodically. We had nowhere else to go and keeping us together. Thank God we had our love through Jesus binding us together.

At the end of September 2012 we found a conference room in Pompano Beach at the hotel we were finally able to gather and worship Both Sunday Morning and Sunday Evening. We used the conference room of a month and a half until finally in October God found us a temporary location. We signed a lease for a year and now the lease is coming to an end we are looking for another location and we could use your help. At the moment our rent is $ 3,300 a month.

Our lease is with the Church of God. We need help because there is no way that we can keep up at this peace. All of our money is coming from the members of the church and as it is we are spending all of this money only to use one room in which we have to separate the Sunday school and the youth with a divider. It’s not a comfortable environment because we are all shearing one room for a Sunday school for children, Sunday school for adults, and the youth group. There is no privacy among the classes.

The church office is no bigger than a large closet. I appreciate what we have but we do need your help to find another location. We are asking for help in trying to locate a church big enough to accommodate our church members and separate rooms for Sunday school.

We also want to catch up and get ahead so we would love to partner up with you in any way either through helping us fined a church to worship. Location, food and office supply a love offering and even a support to help our youth and children at the church to develop basics program for them during the next summer.

With all sincerity,

Pastor Jonas Milice

4990 SW 7th st

Margate Florida 33068




Rev. Jonas Milice


I was born in January 24, 1960 Gonaives Haiti. Both my father and mother are Christians that raised seven children. Influenced by other preachers, they have helped me to focus on Christ’s love and on his purpose for my life. I always wanted to dedicate my life to the preaching and teaching of the gospel of Jesus-Christ. Therefore to become effective, I enrolled in 1982 at” Seminary of the Church of the Nazarene” in Haiti.   During my Seminary training, I began learning God’s purpose for me and explore what God has called me for. I graduated in May 1986 after a 4 year period of theology. I had also been married with a beautiful wife in 1987. Therefore, we had opportunity to serve God and work together. We currently have two children that are well educated and aid us in our ministry.

After my graduation in the summer of 1986, I was assigned to the North Western region to serve as the assistant to the District Superintendent of the Nazarene Church in Haiti. I learned how important it was to spend time with others and challenge them to better serve in the Kingdom of God. I was ordained in 1989 as an Elder in the Church of Nazarene in Haiti after I accomplished all requirements in my education.

I moved to the United States in 1991, but this journey did not stop me from serving the Lord and learning to better serve the congregation.  It was in Florida in 1993, I went back to Broward College to continue my education and integrated more and more in the American culture. Unfortunately, I started a new mission in 2004 in Pompano Beach. By the grace of God, my wife and I established our church ‘Sanctified New Jerusalem Haitian Church” and began an independent mission.

I had the opportunity to admit in Candler school of Theology in 2007. As learning the new system during my school term I became more professional then I started as a part time local pastor in the church. In 2009, I received   credentials by the Board of education in Tennessee qualify for the school then I became a full time Pastor and I served at Sanctified New Jerusalem. I had the privileged to go to Candler School of theology in Atlanta, Georgia in that I graduated for a 5 Years Course of Sturdy on Master Divinity program in 2011. In this training, I also learned how to develop a new philosophy to continue attracting people for God. I realized that being an ordained minister is the great privileged I have because it gives me the opportunity to interact with others and learn from their experiences as well. This year 2016 Sanctified church becomes an independent church to fulfill the gospel of God around the world. Finally, no matter what is happening to the critical world my plan is to avoid anything against my vision to help the community where God call me to serve.